Banana skin leads to accident

Just in time for Mother’s Day AXA revealed that one in three home insurance claims are for accidental damage to both buildings and contents and that households with children are 29 per cent more likely to make a claim, 34 per cent of which are for accidental damage.

Below are just a few amusing reasons AXA have heard from customers making an accidental damage claim, reasons which some parents may know all too well:

  • “My son has spilt two pints milk all over my Apple MacBook.”
  • “My daughter has put my mobile phone in the washing machine.”
  • “My child was skating in the house and managed to rip one of the sofas.”
  • “My granddaughter left the hot tap running in the downstairs bathroom overnight.”
  •  “My grandson threw a hairbrush at the TV in the dining room, cracking the screen.”
  • “My child dropped my mobile phone down the toilet. I’ve tried to put it in rice etc. to dry it out but it’s completely dead.”
  • “My son was sick on the carpet, leaving it stained and smelling really bad.”


With these little problems in mind this may be a good time to check whether your home insurance cover includes accidental damage and if not, put some in place. After all, according to AXA, if you have children in your home then you are 29 per cent more likely to make a claim.