Travel insurance will cover the costs of any emergency medical treatment needed if you are caught up in a terrorist attack. If you are in or are planning to visit an area where an attack has occurred, you should follow any advice from the UK Government and where necessary, talk to your travel agent, tour operator, airline or other transport provider.

If you change your travel arrangements then your travel insurance can usually be transferred to cover the new destination. While some travel insurance policies may cover cancellation if the Government advise against it, you may not be covered if you decide against travelling to your destination  when there is no advice not to do so.

When travelling to the EU it remains important to have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as this entitles you to state-provided healthcare on the same basis as a national of that country. However, it is no substitute for travel insurance as it will not cover the costs of any private emergency medical treatment or needing to return to the UK on health grounds.