Insurers have a small army of people ready to go into immediate action in the event of any flooding this winter, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has announced.

On the anniversary of last winter’s severe floods the ABI was keen to reassure people that insurers have thousands of staff on standby to deal with severe flooding this year.

Reassuringly, insurers have immediate access to tens of thousands of drying machines and equipment to start the vital process of drying out flooded premises, with many more thousands in reserve. Contracts with hotels and letting agents ensure people whose homes have flooded can be given somewhere warm and dry to stay with only a few hours’ notice, ahead of more long-term alternative accommodation being found.

The insurance industry also takes the lead on finding the many thousands of builders, decorators and other contractors needed to dry out and restore people’s homes and businesses.

Huw Evans, ABI Director General, said: “Floods are devastating – for families, for businesses and for whole communities. Last winter’s storms were a stark reminder of how vulnerable we can be to the forces of nature and insurers have already been helping those affected by Storm Angus last month.

“We all hope not to see a repeat of last winter’s storms, but if the worst happens insurers are ready to help, on the phone and in person, whatever time of the day or night the flood waters come. The trauma of flooding can be long-lasting because of the unavoidable time it takes to properly repair a home or business swamped by water, so this is also a crucial time to make sure you are aware of any flood risk in your area, and that you consider steps to protect yourself and your property.”

For the full story plus 2015 flood statistics visit the ABI website.