Finally there is relief in sight for the millions of us plagued by nuisance marketing calls. The Government has announced that direct marketing callers will soon be required to provide a valid telephone number. This will allow people to identify whether they wish to answer the call and have a number they can use in a complaint.

Up to now it has been impossible to complain about rogue callers as there was no way to identify who was responsible.  Once the new measures become law it will make it harder for them to hide behind a wall of anonymity.

Government consultation on nuisance marketing calls complete

Full details of the results of the Government consultation that led up to this change can be found here.

Commenting on the announcement, Ben Howarth, Policy Adviser for Motor and Liability at the Association of British Insurers, said: “This is great news for millions of people who will appreciate tougher regulation of firms who bombard them with nuisance calls and texts, including those Claims Management Companies (CMCs) who drive up the costs of motor insurance by encouraging frivolous and exaggerated personal injury claims. CMCs continue to fuel a compensation culture through nuisance calls, misleading adverts and high charges.

“Our recent research found that 83% of people have been contacted by a CMC and have been encouraged to claim compensation for personal injury or other financial loss with nearly half of people surveyed– 49% – cold called within the last week. Tougher regulation should ensure that honest customers do not end up footing the bill for the activities of the rogue firms.”