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On average, 70 people still lose their lives on the roads of Europe every day. However, this figure was reduced to 43 on both the 2016 and 2017 Project EDWARD days and organisers hope that 2018 will see a further reduction in casualties.

European Day Without A Road Death (EDWARD) takes place this year on Wednesday 19 September and Police are urging everyone to reflect on one simple question: What can I do for road safety today?

Motorists in particular are being asked to sign the Project EDWARD pledge:

I promise that I will:

  • Remind my family, friends and colleagues to take extra care on the roads.
  • Put my lights on for safety.
  • Drive as safely as I can and follow the rules when behind the wheel or riding a motorbike or bicycle.
  • Be extra vigilant and attentive to the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, children, older people and horse riders.
  • Drive at speeds that are both legal and safe.
  • Carry out proper safety checks on my tyres.
  • Pay particular attention when driving near schools, and where there are lots of children.
  • Never drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs/medicines that could impair safety.
  • Look as far ahead as possible and not tailgate other drivers
  • Always wear my seat belt and ensure that everyone with me wears theirs.
  • Not use my mobile phone while driving.
  • Ensure I am not distracted by anything inside or outside the car, or inside my head.
  • Set a good example to my passengers by driving calmly and safely.
  • If I’m a passenger, make sure that the driver is fit and legal to drive


Organised by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network, Project EDWARD seeks to bring together everyone with an interest in reducing the number of people killed on our roads.

TISPOL General Secretary Ruth Purdie commented: “A day without a road death is of course the vision we should strive for every day, not just on 19 September. But we have seen that Project EDWARD is a simple yet highly effective awareness-raiser, whether or not we achieve zero deaths on the day itself.

“Casualty reduction must remain a priority for all national governments. There were some excellent reductions in road deaths and serious injuries in the first decade of this century, but they have largely stalled in the past five years. It is therefore vital that we re-focus our attention on the efforts needed to bring about significant and long-lasting reductions.

“We believe strongly in the value of setting targets, and we believe that the support from all industry sectors and from individuals can make a massive difference in reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads.

“We need to make clear that a zero figure on 19 September is very unlikely. But if we aim for zero and end up with a daily tally far below the European average of 70 fatalities, then Project EDWARD will have succeeded, and will add further weight to the real value of casualty reduction targets.”

“So we urge drivers, riders, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users can pause for a moment on 19 September to reflect on one simple question:

What can I do for road safety today?

“Please support Project EDWARD, sign the pledge and challenge all your friends to do the same. Together, we can deliver.”


You can sign the pledge here