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Just because your armed forces job keeps you on the move shouldn't mean that you can't have the same insurance benefits as everyone else. Why should you be the ones who get caught for cancellation fees and lost no claims discounts when you are posted abroad in the service of your country?

The good news is that you can now enjoy the same rates and benefits, without any increase in premiums. By choosing to source your insurance through a BIBA recognised insurance broker you can enjoy guaranteed waiving of cancellation fees, a pro-rata rebate and no claims discounts frozen for three years.

Asprey Harris Insurance Consultants has joined the BIBA scheme which provides additional flexibility to members of the Armed Forces who have not always found it easy to arrange suitable insurance cover to protect themselves or their property. This scheme gives us access to insurance providers who will look sympathetically on your needs.

In addition to our commitment on cancellation fees and no claim discounts we can source policies specifically tailored for Armed Forces personnel including motor cover for ‘laid up’ vehicles, full motor and home cover when residing on base, business driving cover so service men and women can travel between bases for duty purposes and cover for personnel when serving overseas.

As an independent insurance broker, Asprey Harris fight for the best possible insurance cover at the best possible price for all of their customers; that includes those who fight for their country.

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