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Business insurance can literally mean the difference between the life and death of a company. Does your insurance policy cover you for the totally bizarre and unexpected as well as mundane everyday risks?

Before you can make an informed decision about what cover your company requires it is essential to talk to a professional insurance broker; one who not only understands the risks but has the contacts within the insurance market to find you the best, most cost effective cover available.

Policies can be written to provide cover for every perceived risk from basic buildings and contents to more unexpected items such as data loss if your IT server provider goes bust, debts or loss of money if your accounts staff cook the books, deterioration of stock or goods in transit if your vehicle gets raided on a service area.

On a more professional note you will probably also need to consider indemnity, legal expenses and consequential loss.  Liability insurance is another area you should think about;  press here for more details of the liability cover we can provide.

It is imperative that the business insurance you purchase for your company is written specifically for your individual circumstances, not bought off the shelf.  Asprey Harris can commission a policy for you that covers all of your potential everyday risks plus more specialist ones, whatever your business.

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