A commercial for vehicle insurance

Many companies looking for commercial vehicle insurance waste valuable time searching the Internet, looking for savings on their premiums. Others try to save time by renewing their fleet insurance each year without looking around for comparisons.

At Asprey Harris we believe there is a third way to source a policy, one which will give you comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance cover at a highly competitive price.

We all know that running a fleet of vehicles carries with it some heavy statutory costs. There’s not much you can do about VED, unless you change your whole fleet to electric vehicles but you can make significant savings on your insurance, if you know where to look.

And the place to look is Asprey Harris. We help you define your vehicle usage, including distances travelled and driver qualifications, before searching the market on your behalf to find the most cost effective deal for you. If your needs include specific cover we can even approach an underwriter to develop an individual policy just for you.

Whatever your company’s usage, from a single car or van to a fleet of taxis, commercial vehicles, HGVs or horse boxes, we will make sure you are covered for any and every emergency. Our professional and honest advice, combined with a thorough understanding of the commercial vehicle insurance market, means that we will offer you a proper choice based on need, not just on cost.

And having found the best policy for you we will then monitor your claims, remind you of renewal dates and make sure you get real value for money for your premiums, not just in the first year but for each and every year your policy is in force.

Save both time and money on commercial vehicle insurance
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