Getting your house in order

What is the worst thing that could happen to your home? Fire, flood, explosion, theft?
Nobody plans for any of this but sadly the unexpected does happen – just when you least expect it. That’s why property insurance was invented.

You may not be able to stop the damage taking place but at least you’ll have the power to restore your home to its former glory.  After all, that’s why you took out that home and contents insurance.

What do you mean, they won’t pay out?  Why not?

Unfortunately, buying buildings and contents insurance on price alone may not offer the cover you think it does.  All too often there are ‘added extras’ on items you might think would be automatically included and buying over the Internet means there may not be anyone available to explain the small print to you.

For instance, when a policy claims to include accidental damage cover, what does that mean?  Will it pay out when a children’s party gets out of hand and your best furniture is damaged?  Is your TV covered if it gets knocked off its stand?  What happens if you drop your laptop?

Most personal possessions are included in your contents insurance but make sure the cover extends to outside your home.  For example, jewellery, bicycles, cash, clothes and mobile phones should all be covered against loss, theft or accidental damage.

Floods or even the threat of flooding can seriously affect the cost of insurance and in some cases householders find it extremely difficult to obtain any cover at all.  Asprey Harris have excellent contacts with insurers who are prepared to offer cover for areas that have been blighted by the threat of floods.

Our knowledge of the house insurance market means that we can source the right policy for your unique circumstances and explain the small print to you in plain English, so you have a full understanding of the cover you are purchasing.  And naturally, we will ensure that the cost of the policy is the best value on the market.

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